3 Acts of Self Care To Try This Week

3 Acts of Self Care To Try This Week

Self care is something that until the past year, I hadn’t really considered or even taken seriously if I’m completely honest. Growing up, I have always been go, go, go and taking time for myself has often made me feel guilty, as if I’m procrastinating or being lazy. After graduating university I dived straight into searching for a job and ended up landing a full time position in marketing. Since then, I have worked non stop and although I love the ability to do what I love, it’s demanding. I think that many of us get into the routine of completing our next goal which ends up becoming a never-ending cycle of goal after goal, putting our mental and physical health to the bottom of the list. This definitely resonates with me and so I have started to make self-care a priority on my ever-growing to-do list.

Finding time to dedicate to self care can seem daunting- “I have so much to do already”, sound familiar? This is completely normal and many of us struggle with the idea of taking a little chunk of our day / week to do something that is good for both our mind and body. I am slowly getting better at taking some time to re-energise and I have definitely seen some positive outcomes from my efforts. Here are a few acts of self care that you could try when you next get a moment, and please, find a moment – start small and build a routine around what works for you because you deserve to take 5 for youselfl.

Take a nap

Taking a nap is something that is often looked negatively upon and this is crazy! When we’ve spent the day running around or maybe we’ve had a physically demanding week, a nap is deemed normal, however, we often forget that our mind can often spend the day running 1000 mph! If you feel like a nap will benefit you after a good or bad day, take one and don’t feel bad about it!

Practise Yoga

I have always loved Yoga but always felt it took up too much time or I wasn’t very good at it. I recently found a YouTuber called “Yoga with Adriene” who has so many amazing videos. Whether you’re looking for a 5 minute routine or a 50 minute routing she has so many to choose from! I have suffered with back pain for so many months and a few sessions of yoga has made such a difference, I am loving how much more flexible I feel.

Cook Breakfast

I have always found that my mornings often consist of me napping for a little too long before rushing out the door with a breakfast bar and strong black coffee. This leaves me feeling anxious and unprepared for the day and so I have made it my mission over the past few months to make my morning routine less hectic. I have started getting my clothes and bag ready the night before which allows me to get up and get ready at a calmer pace. Once or twice a week I wake up earlier than usual and cook myself scrambled eggs or something a little nicer than my usual cereal which is something so small but makes my day feel a little brighter.

These are just a few ways I have been incorporating self care into my routine – small things that allow me to have a moment to think, re-energise and feel grounded. For many of us, day to day life can be a juggling act of work, friends and family and so taking a little time for yourself means that you can focus on your own health, physical or mental. What are some of the ways that you practise self care?

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