Hello! I’m Sophie, a self-professed chai latte addict who has a passion for all things creative. From calligraphy to illustration, I am always creating and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I work in marketing & design whilst also running my own stationery business which launched on “Not On The Highstreet” last September.

I relaunched Sophie Lauren in autumn 2017 after finding that I wasn’t interested in beauty blogging alone, something was missing. I now intend to talk all things lifestyle, beauty, career and hope to also work on some creative tutorials.

I always say it’s the little things and that’s hugely my approach to life. We all expect happiness to be this huge big event that hits us in the face, but in reality, it’s often a Sunday coffee with my partner or a snuggle with my cats. The little joys are the most important, they add up and I will definitely be portraying this more in my posts.