I don’t think there is a beauty fanatic out there that has not heard about this product. Anastasia Beverly Hills has built up a fabulous reputation as a brand, especially on Instagram.

My natural brows are awful. Remember high school where over plucking was the thing? Yeah, me too. I have filled in my brows for years and it really does make such a difference. My right brow is higher than my left and much more fuller so filling them in allows me to even everything out. 
I discovered Anastasia Beverly Hills over on Instagram, I could scroll their feed for hours. They interact well with their fans and that really shows. I was torn between the Brow Wiz and Dip Brow Pomade – both looked equally promising. I have used a brow cream for the past few months, applying with an arched brow brush. I decided to give a pencil a try as it has been a good 4 years since I have used one! 
The Brow Wiz has a mechanical nib on one side as well as a spooly on the other. This is handy as it means you only need one product to both tidy and fill in your brows. On first use I was completely in love with the results – my brows had never looked better! I was nervous to use a pencil as it can easily end up looking like you have Nike ticks on your forehead. However, the brush cleverly mimics natural hairs and allows you to have full control over the finished look. For thicker and darker hairs, simply apply more pressure and vice versa for thiner, lighter hairs. Brow Wiz really is the simplest solution I have found to natural, defined brows. I can’t stress enough how easy the product is to navigate. I like that there is no need for a sharpener, I bloody hate those things!! All you need to do is twist the nib and wa-lah! Just like new! 
The packaging of the product is lovely with rose gold lettering and a hard case exterior. Don’t worry about nudging the pencil and ruining the nib in your bag, these lids stay on and they feel very secure. I like that the brand have also offered a cover for the spooly – something many brands over look! 
I can definitely say that brow pencils have evolved since I last used them in high school. The product retails at £15.50 which is steeper than your everyday brow pencil, but it is completely worth every penny. If you’re looking for natural brows with easy application, Brow Wiz is just what you need. 

  • I use the pomade and I love it! Must try this too!
    Charlotte //