Cleansing Makeup Brushes



For a long time I washed my makeup brushes with shampoo, there’s nothing wrong with this as it works, but sometimes there are ingredients in shampoo that you want to avoid. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and other sulphates are known to irritate skin and these are included in a lot of shampoo products. I have been told in the past that sulphates can irritate acne and make it worse, and so I stopped using shampoo to cleanse my brushes straight away. I also felt that my brushes quickly became dry and rough when using shampoo so I needed something much more conditioning. Of course I could use conditioner, but this is way too much hassle for me and I would rather one product to do both jobs! I came across the Pro Studio Solid Brush Cleanser by Freedom Cosmetics, a brand which I had never heard of before. I decided to pick it up and try it on my brush collection!
The product comes in a sturdy, plastic tub with a screw top. The branding is very minimal and features a holographic/mirror style label. I love the look of this product, it’s very sleek and although it was a pain to photograph (lighting and all), it looks pretty in my white room.  The product is easily picked up and holds 100ml of solid cleanser, it also lasts up to 12 months which is fab! The product describes that the cleanser should sanitise, condition and cleanse brushes along with simple to follow instructions.
When you open up the tub, you’re met with a solid soap which to me, smells really refreshing and clean. As instructed, I wet my brush and swirled it around in the jar until it began to lather. Once my brush started to lather, I then transferred it to the palm of my hand where I worked the product into the bristles. I found that using a circular motion really cleansed the brush well without needing hard pressure or rough scrubbing. The soap in your palm will start to colour itself using the pigments from your dirty brushes, once I see this has happened, I rinse the brush and repeat if the brush is not fully clean. I also give the pot a quick wash with water to remove any makeup/dirt that may have contaminated the product.
I really like this product, it works so brilliantly well. I had never put much thought into cleaning my brushes as it was just one of those jobs that had to be done, I now really enjoy the process. It’s almost theraputic because the product is so lovely to work with, I love the smell and the feel of it. I think the process of using the product is so easy and much more effective than any shampoo I have used in the past, my brushes are far more conditioned and return to their pre-makeup form. I love that my brushes look new again once I’ve washed them, the cleanser does a brilliant job of maintaining them and keeping them soft to use. You only need a tiny bit of product which is great, I used to have to use so much shampoo and now I only use a small swirl of the brush.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants clean, sanitised and conditioned brushes, it works a treat and lasts for ages. I love the easy of opening the pot, swirling my brush and seeing the makeup and dirt dissolve away.