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Finding a highlighter for my skin is a hit and miss, they’re often too dark and more like a bronzer on my pale complexion. I had seen the Collection Speedy Highlighter and thought that the product looked different to my usual powdered compact highlighters, I felt it was time to try something different and so I went ahead and purchased it.

I really like the packaging of this product, it’s so easy to use and absolutely mess free. I like that you can pop the lid off and swipe it over the areas you want to bring out and brighten. I usually use a powdered highlighter which requires a brush, however, this doesn’t and so I really do like the design and usability of the product. There is a twisting section at the bottom of the highlighter to push more product up, similar to a lipstick. The product is made well and is very study, the lid is also very secure so don’t worry about it falling off and smudging all over your makeup bag!

I love the glow this product gives, it’s very subtle and gives you a healthy, dewy glow. I like the consistency and the ease of blending it out, it’s very thin and not cakey at all. I was initially worried that the product wouldn’t sit well once I had powdered my face, however, it was fine and everything looked seamless. I think it’s easier to get precision when applying to your nose when using this highlighter, as opposed to using a brush with powder. The shade is perfect and doesn’t have any glitter in, it’s a very natural, dewy finish. It lasts really well, I have worn it 9-5 and I didn’t feel like a reapplication was necessary, this is amazing because it’s so inexpensive.

I definitely think this highlighter has given me the perfect summer glow, It’s perfect for day time and easily buildable for nighttime or special occasions! Let me know if you have tried it – I am glad have found it just in time for summer!

  • This looks really pretty. I imagine it giving off a natural glow, especially for people with lighter skin tones.

    Jorj | Mad Cherry

  • I have this in my collection and never remember to use it, I must start using it more as it's lovely! Thank you for reminding me!

    Absolutely love your blog by the way, just found you! Your blog layout is lovely, it's so refreshing to find something a little different!

    The Makeup Directory

  • This is such a positive review and for £3.99 wow!
    Charlotte //