Free Blog post Planner!

Free Blog post Planner!

I think we can all find it a bit difficult to organise our minds at the best of times. Whilst juggling a full-time job, 2 small businesses and a blog – it’s safe to say that my mind sometimes feels like it’s on the verge of exploding. One thing that always seems to help me is writing things down, it’s a floating thought that becomes a solid priority once pen meets paper. I thought I would create a free printable blog planner to share on my blog, perfect for those who are looking to sit down and plan their posts.

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I have always been a strong believer in that if you write something down, you’re more likely to complete it. This blog post planner allows you to plan the name, post date, URL, category and keyword focus of a blog post as well as giving you space to brainstorm content. I have also included a little checklist for sharing on social media because that is definitely something I forget to do. Sometimes I plan lots of blog posts at once, sometimes I plan one, it depends completely on the day and how much time I have!

If you’ve got any blog planning tips I would love to hear them, I really want to start being more organised with my blog and have a regular schedule! I am finally getting into the swing of things with my new job and so it means I can start focusing my mind more on my blog and with the days getting lighter, its the perfect time to get back into my photography.

Do you have a blog schedule? I would love to have one but I’m not sure if it would create more pressure to post on time! Let me know!

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Free Printable Blog Planner