I can’t imagine back to before I used to highlight, it seems such a necessary part of my beauty regime. I feel like using a highlighter makes me look more awake – even when I’m day dreaming about my bed. 

I had never heard of the brand Freedom Makeup before, until I was browsing through Superdrug a few weeks ago. I was attracted by the uniform packaging, very sleek and minimalistic. I decided to purchase their highlighter as it looked like it would suit my pale complexion. A lot of highlighters look like contour powders on me, I don’t want a highlighter that looks dirty on my skin! 
The Pro Highlight retails at £3 and so it is safe to say – it’s an absolute bargain find. I am really pleased with the finish of the product, it highlights so beautifully. I love the dewy skin look and this helps me achieve it every time. I had previously used The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer and I have to say, this is much better in my opinion. The glow is so lovely and is not over the top for everyday use. The Pro Highlight is offered in 3 shades (Ambient, Diffused & Brighten) – so there is a nice variety for different skin types. The product blends well into the skin and feels light – don’t worry about a cake powder look. 
The packaging is simple and monochrome. The powder itself is set in a lovely wave pattern – similar to the MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish. I have not had a problem in terms of cracking or flaking – something that many powders experience. Touch Wood. 
I will definitely be investing in more items from this brand, they have set a good first impression. Hopefully this brand will prove to be offer more quality products at affordable prices, something that would be perfect for a beauty addict such as myself. Well done Freedom Makeup, you have given me the dewy skin I have always longed for! 

  • I'm so glad drugstore makeup has come so far and now even with the lowest budget priced brands you can still get quality products and a good result! I haven't checked out this brand and haven't seen it at my local super drug yet but it'll be good to try some of their stuff eventually!

  • Wat een mooie highlighter !

  • Make-up revolution do a very similar one as well, it's gorgeous!
    Charlotte //

  • I love freedom makeup but I've never tried this highlighter, It looks gorgeous though! x