I love NYX, I’ve said it before, but they’re just so affordable and their products perform so well. I was recently at Boots when I noticed a very tempting NYX display. As expected, I indulged in a few new products. Two of the products I picked up were eye concentrated products. Firstly I decided on picking up an eye shadow primer as I’ve never tried one before, I also picked up an orange concealer to try and combat my blue-toned under eye area.

The Proof It! primer comes in a nicely designed box with information concerning application, including a picture style tutorial. I really appreciated this as it makes the product look much more eye-catching and allows you to know exactly how to use it. The applicator is sufficient enough, it isn’t really used for much apart from applying the product before you blend in using your finger. The concealer comes as is, within a glass jar that’s not too heavy. I love that the glass jar is transparent as the orange shade is really pretty when contrasted against the black lid.

I wear eyeshadow most days, usually opting for a two shade smokey eye and finishing with a black eyeliner flick. I must stress that you only need a little bit of this product, using too much leaves the product tacky and/or prone to creasing/dry patches. When the right amount is applied, the finish is very smooth and creates the perfect base for shadow. When applying shadow, the primer really grabs onto the product and gives a much more vibrant pay off. I definitely feel like my shadow lasts much longer, my smokey eye barely budges during the day. The product actually has a very good waterproof ability which I think hugely contributes to the increase in the lasting power of my shadows. Despite the waterproof element, my eye makeup still removes easily at night and I don’t need to scrub in order to budge it.

I have a very blue-toned under-eye area and so I knew I wanted an orange concealer to neutralise it. I like the texture of the product as it’s a nice consistency, it glides on nicely under the eye without having to pull the delicate skin. I apply it with the Zoeva concealer brush in a triangle shape, it blends out well and has a lighter, peachier colour than you can see in the jar. Once I am happy with the coverage, I apply my regular shade of concealer and watch my dark circles disappear! I definitely look more awake when using the orange concealer – the area is generally more flawless and less puffy looking. I was initially scared that the orange tone would show through but after applying my foundation/concealer, it’s completely unnoticeable.

I have definitely been impressed by these two NYX products – the quality and finish is amazing for the price. The amount of product is brilliant when you realise how much they actually cost, they perform very much like high end products. I think I may try a green concealer next to tackle some of my red patches/blemishes. Let me know if you have tried these products and if you have any recommendations for my next NYX haul!

  • When I first browsed a NYX counter the under eye concealers were almost certain purchases, but I wasn't convinced I'd actually get use out of them. Hearing that they don't show through and do a great job of neutralising the area is great though, maybe next time I'll be more inclined to actually buy it!

    Great post, I love love love NYX!
    Em | beautyandbullshitt x

  • Awesome reviews! I haven't picked up many nyx products in a long time, so I may definitely need to check out that eye primer.


  • I really want to pick up a few of their colour correcting concealers, I want to try one of their green ones to combat my redness as they sound really good!
    Charlotte // http://www.charlottespicks.com

  • These concealers look incredible! I need to try their normal concealer as I have heard the pigmentation is insane, thanks for sharing x