Pixi Skincare Staples Glow Tonic Cleansing Balm Rose Oil Blend Pixi By Petra Review
How is it November? I swear it was only yesterday I opened my weekly planner at January 1st. Every year around this time my skin can become very dry and difficult to work with, slacking on skincare is definitely not an option. In ways I enjoy dedicating more time to looking after my skin, I can definitely see the benefits and it makes me feel all snug in the cold winter evenings.
Over the past month I have been trialing some new skincare products which have left my skin unrecognisable. I have always had weird skin that does not work well with foundation and tends to look problematic 99% of the time, however I have been so happy with my skin over the past month and it’s all down to 3 skincare saviours.
I love Pixi, their products always impress and the branding is beautiful, blush pinks, greens and gold. I love products that perform well and look pretty on my desk – it sound’s mad but it just makes me happy! I was so excited to receive some Pixi goods in the mail last month and have been resisting the urge to write this post earlier – I wanted to get a month of use first. I was going to write a separate review of each product but I feel that they work so well together it would be better to write one big review. Each product has it’s own merits but together they are the dream team.
Firstly I want to talk about the Pixi Cleansing Balm. I have used cleansing balms in the past, in fact, they are my favourite type of product to remove makeup and cleanse the skin. This product smells absolutely amazing, think of the most relaxing and luxurious scent, this is it, very fresh and light. On first use, the first thing I noticed was the consistency of the product, very silky and more of an oil texture than previously trialled cleansing balms. The product is thin despite the chunky look and melts into your skin beautifully, I could spend hours massaging this into my face. I honestly feel like a goddess when using this product, it’s so calming and enjoyable. Once I’ve persuaded myself to stop massaging this product into my face, I dampen some cotton pads in warm water and wipe away the product. I have found the cleanser to be very effective at removing all traces of makeup, leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean. I love that it doesn’t strip my skin, there’s a really nice residue left which makes my skin look so dewy and supple.
After cleansing I let my skin relax for about 15 minutes before I go in with the Pixi Glow Tonic. I have raved about this product in the past after receiving it as a christmas gift, it is an amazing product. I have realised that all Pixi products smell gorgeously fresh and the Glow Tonic doesn’t fall short, it has a very distinct smell. I apply the product to a cotton pad and sweep it across my face and neck, it leaves my skin looking very even and calm. Since using the product I have seen my skin texture improve so much, I think this is down to the subtle exfoliation that the tonic provides. I would definitely suggest trying this out if you maybe suffer from difficult skin that prevents your makeup applying how you’d like, my pores and skin texture are much smoother looking than ever before.
To finish off, I apply the Pixi Rose Oil Blend. This is my favourite step in my skincare routine, it’s such a relaxing product to use. Since using the Rose Oil Blend my skin has been so clear, next to no blemishes have popped up! After applying to my face I get a very even skin tone with a hint of rosie cheeks, it’s so calming and leaves my skin looking so healthy. The product comes in a beautiful bottle with a beautiful gold pipette – so pretty. The product is perfect when applied before makeup and sometimes I mix a few drops into my foundation for a flawless application. I would definitely suggest this product if you are looking to increase skin hydration and overall skin health – mine hasn’t looked better.
I would 100% reccomend these products for those who is looking to add some high performing skincare staples to their collection. The products are brilliant, my skin is cooperating with me and i’m seeing improvements daily which is so lovely! I keep waking up and feeling my skin in the morning and it’s such an amazing feeling after having acne for years on end! I have used all three products religiously both morning and night and shall continue to do so, the difference I have seen in a months use is so impressive.
Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, I would love to know your thoughts!
*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes, all opinions remain my own regardless.