Summer Skincare Essentials

I have always loved reading or watching beauty gurus talk about new products. I would go through numerous posts about “the best foundations” thinking it would make me look exactly the same as the flawless girls in the photos. Oh how wrong young Sophie was. It only hit me over the past few years that the key to such skin was all down to the skin care routine. Suffering with acne throughout my teenage years, I realised very quickly that there is no foundation/concealer quick fix. There is only so far makeup can go and unfortunately, photos do not always represent real life (not to mention the use of skin smoothing apps nowadays). 
Over the past few years I have invested so much into researching the best creams, exfoliators and treatments. I have probably been through every cleanser, moisturiser and treatment on the market, searching for my holy grail. When you find something that works it’s such an amazing feeling and even better when you find products that work well together. I have recently traveled abroad and so I was limited in terms of what products could travel with me. Due to my overspending on summer clothing, I really had no choice but to only take essential skincare. I love all of these products and they work well both on their own as well as together.


This product is perfect for summer in so many ways. Firstly, I love the refreshing smell and feel you get when applying, the application is very relaxing and removes all traces of makeup. I find that having fresh feeling skin in hot weather is vital, especially due to the change in weather. The product is also nicely sized so it will last you a long time, for an inexpensive price.


For a while I let this product sit on my shelf, I just didn’t see the hype. I decided to start using it again when my skin hit a bad patch, and suddenly I had a healthy glow again. I love using this product in summer because it really leaves your skin feeling bright and exfoliated. I use this daily and feel it gives my skin a soft exfoliation that helps keep skin from clogging up.


I absolutely love this scrub – it’s by far the best I have ever used. It leaves skin feeling like you’ve just had a facial, removing any rough skin. I love the buffed finish you get after using this product, it’s wonderful. I use this twice a week in order to give my skin a deeper exfoliation and I feel it does just that.


I like to use this product for my nose as it is by far the most problematic area in terms of dry skin and texture. I love this scrub as it removes all rough skin, leaving a glowing, smooth finish. I can see such a difference in skin texture after using this scrub, my makeup applies much better and lasts much longer. I feel that this product works best with my nose, better than a general all over face scrub.


I had debated buying this product for so long, and I finally gave in. This product is brilliant, perfect for those of us who suffer with acne scarring. I have seen such a decrease in acne scarring since using this product which is something that has given me so much more confidence. I had always worried about resurfacing products, thinking they would cause peeling and sensitive skin, however I didn’t experience any of this whilst using this product. I would definitely advise this product for anyone who is anxious about scarring or uneven skin.


This is my new favourite moisturiser, I am obsessed. Avène is a brand which I have only ever had positive opinions of, every product has impressed me over and over again. I love this product as it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and supple, just what I need during the summer. The product is a thin cream and absorbs quickly, something that is useful during hot summer days.


We all know how important sun cream is, especially when it comes to your face. I apply this product before makeup as a pre-primer to make sure that I don’t burn or damage my skin. I found that this product was really nice to work with in terms of applying makeup, it left my skin feeling very supple and fresh. I like that it’s not too thick like most sun creams, I hate the feeling of unabsorbed products! A little went a long way with this product which is very impressive, as it’s only a travel size!


Dry lips on holiday or at any time really is just a big no no. I like to wear lipstick most of the time and so I feel this product is absolutely vital. It’s quickly absorbed and really does moisture very well. I love the fresh smell and the plump finish I get after using the product.

Most of these products are repurchased as I enjoy using them so much, I really love finding a product that works and makes me feel confident in my skin. Most products mentioned are extremely affordable too, which is always a positive! Let me know if you have tried any of these products or if you have any suggestions for new products, i’m always on the look out for new products to try!