Finding a product to reduce blemishes can leave you feeling like you’re on a never ending roundabout. I often get so excited about using a new skincare product before feeling the all to familiar disappointment when it doesn’t work. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know about my acne journey, I am always looking to share the best products to improve acne/blemish prone skin. I thought I would round up my top 3 products that have worked wonders on my skin and have reduced my blemishes like magic.


This facial oil is literally liquid gold – it’s amazing. I use this every morning and every evening  without fail and my skin is left both dewy and soft. I have owned this little bottle for months and it has still got a good few months left in it, so value for money is definitely a pro. A few months back my skin broke out with tiny little lumps and within a few days of grabbing this off the shelf, it was back to normal. I have come to realise that this product is a daily must that continues to improve my skin daily, I really do love using it.


I decided to purchase this little beauty after reading the many positive reviews left on the Origins website. It may look small but it has magical powers, i’m not kidding. I am being 100% serious when I say that it clears up blemishes over night – I have been blown away with the ability of this tiny little pot of life saving gel. After my acne cleared I was left with some pretty persistent spots – they wouldn’t clear and I was becoming very frustrated with both the redness and pain. After a few days of using this product my skin was flat, clear and even and I couldn’t be happier – please give this a try if you’re struggling because I swear by it.


I love moisturiser, it’s definitely something I look forward to applying daily. I had seen this product recommended by Kate La Vie on her Roaccutane blog series and thought I would give it a whirl. I really love the way it keeps my skin hydrated all day and this is key to keeping your skin clear – if you don’t hydrate you may find your skin producing more oil to keep it moisturised. The price may seem steep for a moisturiser but I only use the tiniest bit and it goes a long way. I would love to try more of the kiehls skincare range because I’ve definitely been won over by this little wonder.

At the moment my skin is clear and flat which is absolutely amazing – I have suffered with acne for years and finally I can appreciate makeup and skincare without lot’s of bumps and pain all over my skin. Hang in there, it get’s better. Let me know what your top blemish preventing products are – I’d love to know!