Top Foundations For Summer

When you’re going abroad, there are a number of makeup dilemmas in which you need to tackle. For me, my biggest concern is foundation. It is so important to find a foundation which is the right shade whilst still achieving your desired finish. Because I’m very pale, I tend to fake tan before and during my holiday, this meaans choosing the right shade to match my tanned skin. This year I took two approaches to finding the right foundation; pre-holiday purchase and airport-purchase. I had a few foundations which I felt would do the job, however, I came across a further option whilst browsing within the airport. 

When it comes to buying base makeup at an airport I tend to go for high street brands. The base that I purchase isn’t likely to be an everyday shade and will probably only be used on holiday and during times I choose to tan (rarely). I don’t think it would be wise to indulge in a base product when the usage wouldn’t be often – I’d much rather invest in a high end lipstick or shadow. Is this justifying why I overspend on lipsticks at the airport? probably not. 

I have decided upon 4 foundations which I feel are perfect for holidays in a hotter climate. They would also be perfect staples during the *hopefully* hot summer here in the UK. 

This was my airport purchase – both affordable and offered in a range of shades. I have always read about this product and its many positive attributes, however, it’s lightest shade has always been to dark for me. Finally having a (fake) tan, I decided to give it a go. I definitely feel this product lived up to its hype – I absolutely love it. When thinking about holiday skin I wanted a dewy (non-greasy) finish with a good coverage and light texture. This foundation ticks all the boxes. I didn’t once feel that this foundation was too heavy or cakey, which was my main concern due to acne scarring. I would definitely recommend this product of you are looking for something very silky and blendable. I applied the product with a wet beauty blender and the finish was perfect, not to mention it lasted through the beautiful sunny days. This is definitely my favourite of the four, it was just so enjoyable to wear and gave me a boost in confidence. 

I use this product at home, it’s slightly to dark for me, but it’s easy to blend down my neck. I love this product and so I knew it would be perfect in terms of finish and shade. The lasting ability of this product is not as strong as the Rimmel Wake Me Up, however, I didn’t expect it to be. This is a BB cream and is perfect for days where a very light, dewy touch up is required. I don’t expect it to cover every imperfection, I just want it to brighten up my skin and even out the texture/colour. I would recommended this product for those who want a quick, dewy and light coverage. It smells amazing, so just be aware that you will spend a significant amount of time smelling it. 

I purchased this product a while back and it has been sat on my shelf for a good few weeks. I decided to test it out on holiday to see how it would look and last during the heat. I felt this foundation was similar to the Bourjois City Glow in the way that it feels extremely light on the skin. I would say that this product is the most natural and lightest foundation of the four, feeling very much like you have no makeup on. This is perfect for a no makeup, makeup look which is what I like on holiday when I’m relaxing and trying to look like a Greek Goddess. The product is said to be waterproof too which may be a bonus if that’s what you’re looking for. 

This is another of my favourite foundations which I use regularly at home, however, I normally have to blend it with a white foundation. The finish of this product is between matte and dewy, not more one way than the other. I love this foundation as it applies really nicely, blending into the skin without much effort. I also like to use this with the L’Oreal contour kit which is uh-mazing. This foundation has good lasting power and gives a very flawless finish to your makeup look. I also loved the colour of this foundation, very tanned and not orange like most. 

For me, all four foundations offer something which I look for in a holiday foundation. I think that most of us look for light and long-lasting products during the sunnier months and these products do just that. Let me know if you have any holiday favourites, I’m always on the look out to try new products! 


  • Wake Me Up is usually my go-to foundation during summer, not only because of it formula and finish but also because I accidentally bought it in a shade that suits my skin only if it's tanned 😀
    I need to get my hands on Infallible Sculpt! I have a huge thing for L'Oreal foundation, so it's quite weird that one is not in my collection yet.

  • I'm a huge fan of mac foundations on the whole and I'm looking for a lighter coverage this summer so I'm definitely gonna try the face and body one! Loved this. X


  • Face and body is ideal for Summer as it's so light!
    Charlotte //